Save Your Facebook Account from Hackers by Staying Clear of These

Do you what’s the easiest way to hack into anyone’s Facebook account? It’s by correctly guessing their password. Sure, phishing can pretty much extract the information for you. But before you can have the info, you’ll have to create a clone site and entice your victim to actually access it. Keylogging also works. But it also involves some technical mumbo-jumbo that includes, but not limited to, downloading software, editing codes and making sure the links are sent and accessed by the intended victim. Primary email and password resets do not have as many skills required of it. But they can be tedious with so many steps involved in the process.

Hacking a Facebook account is as easy as guessing

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Quite a few persons are planning on hacking Facebook accounts

Guessing the password then, may sound like a lot of work, but imagine if you managed to guess it with just one shot. Without sweating it, you can sort of legitimately access another person’s Facebook account.

And let’s be real honest here. Too many internet users just don’t make very wise decisions when it comes to choosing passwords. Everybody knows that passwords are important. Everybody is aware that the best password are the kind that’s hard to crack, difficult to guess and highly unique. Those would make it hard for hackers to crack them. Of course, knowing and actually doing are two different things.

So here we are again. Reminding people that passwords are important and if you do not want your Facebook account, or any other account for that matter, to be hacked, then you should steer clear of the following passwords. These were compiled by a Scandinavian security blogger using an analyzing tool that ran it against 450,000 plaintext passwords snatched by hackers themselves.

Top 10 most common passwords

Top 10 Most Common Passwords:

1. 123456

2. password

3. welcome

4. ninja

5. abc123

6. 123456789

7. 12345678

8. sunshine

9. princess

10. qwerty

Top 10 Base Words

1. password

2. welcome

3. qwerty

4. monkey

5. jesus

6. love

7. money

8. freedom

9. ninja

10. writer

If you still need reminding, here it is again: a password like “123456” or “qwerty” or “password” is not much of a challenge to a hacker. Actually, it’s not even much of a challenge to your semi-literate office buddy. So stop it! And no, “qwertyuiop” isn’t hard to guess, either.

You should know that every time password lists are stolen and published on the internet, hackers make copies of the lists and adds them to their own databases. Password crackers then just use them to break into accounts.

How NOT to get your FB account hacked

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“Facebook account hacker” is a phrase many of us get to hear more and more frequently

So what are you supposed to do to ensure your passwords are hard to crack?

1. Use a password management program. This will let you choose unique passwords and eliminate the need to remember them all. Hacking a Facebook account is no easy task, even so there is certainly sites out there like Hayy who claim to be capable to hack Facebook accounts regularly. Some of the better ones to use are 1Password, KeePass and LastPass. You can have different passwords for every account and you would only need to enter them once using the software and it will do the job of remembering them for you.

2. Change your password periodically. This safeguards your account from hacks and even when the info has already been compromised, any further damage can be avoided because you are taking away access by creating a new password.

3. Choose passwords that contain a combination of letters, numbers and special characters in random order. Gkjw43%k)!.”LLK23 is a strong password that’s also harder to guess than Bobby12345.

4. When websites tell you to change your password because there has been a security breach, do it! But be extra vigilant when you receive emails stating such. Validate if a breach did in fact occur, usually these are reported on news sites anyway. Always check if the URL on the email link you received redirects to the actual site and not just some sort of phishing scam.

A few years ago, a hacker was able to access celebrity Twitter accounts. How did he pull off this stunt? By hacking into the Twitter administrator’s console. The password was “Happiness.”

Passwords matter!

Passwords may seem like miniscule things. But they are most important gatekeeper to your account. You may think that you don’t have much to steal in your Facebook account. After all, you’re smart enough not to post any financial information there. But anything on social networking sites have potential value. Just your name alone can give hackers enough ammunition to create another persona, another identity that can be used for who-knows-what-kind of illegal activity. So don’t make it easy on them. Save your Facebook account from hackers through the simple defense of choosing a unique, hard to guess password

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